Giving Back

We strongly believe that donating your time and being a positive part of the local community is a very important part of life. Below are a few of the organizations we are proud to have enjoyed working with.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Let the Children Play For Peace

Gathering toys for children living in Sterdot Israel and Gaza. Organized by Sam Nachum and Achmed El Shariff a group of 40 plus volunteers gathered toys from donars at temples, churches, schools and other local sources from the community.

Jewish Chronicle LTCPFP

Kansas City Sister Cities

Helping the community through outreach, ethnic enrichment, and local events. Sam Nachum served as the chair representing Israel for 8 years and as the President of the organization for 5 years. I great group of individuals helping to do big things in the community.

Sister Cities Sam Nachum Award

Ethnic Enrichment Festival

Ben and Sam have both been very involved over the years with the Kansas City Ethnic Festival. A combination of approximately 55 countries that meet once per month and hold a festival with attendance of 35,000+ in 2015. For many years Sam and Ben have at different times held the position of commissioner and co commisioner representing Israel and the Jewish Community Center of Kansas City. The position is confirmed by the mayors office and involves setting up volunteers, preparing the sites, and multiple outreach programs throughout the years connecting children, families, and people in the inner city to our culture.