Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jerusalem Stone?  – Jerusalem Stone is a generic term describing natural stone material coming from areas from the Jordan River on the east to the Mediterranean Sea on the west, and from the southern port of Eilat on the Red Sea to the Galilee in the North.

How much absorption by weight, density, and flexural strength? Technical Information ASTM, Ramon Gold,  Absorption by Weight%  C97  value=0.78, Density in lbs./cu. ft  C97 value=169  Flexural Strength psi C880-M value=1,248, Compressive Strength psi C170  value=11,490,  Abrasion Resistance Hardness  C241  value=10.5  and for additional information please contact us.

What is dolomite material? There are two general classifications of stone. The two classifications are siliceous and calcareous. Siliceous stones are composed of silica (SiO2) particles and are very durable. Examples are granite, slate and sandstone. Calcareous stones are composed mostly of calcium carbonate and are softer than the siliceous materials. Examples are marble, travertine and limestone. Jerusalem Stone is a dolomite which falls in the calcareous stone catagory. Dolomite stone (or Dolostone) are those which contain more than 50% carbonate minerals of which over half are dolomite minerals (calcium-magnesium carbonate). Dolomite is considered carbonate rock.

he dissolution of calcite and the precipitation of dolomite as indicated .

How is Jerusalem Stone installed?
Indoors ( Thinsets ), Outdoors ( Cement ), with grout, and sealer. Installation products are all available at your local hardware store. We recommend hiring a tile installer if unfamiliar with installation.

How do I clean Jerusalem Stone?
Soap and water. Dawn works well. Jerusalem Stone is tough. It does not stain easily compared to travertine or marble. Common tile cleaning supplies found at local hardware stores is an option.

What type of sealer should I use?
511 Porous Plus Natural Look by Miracle Sealer is a very good sealant for Jerusalem Stone.  Other penetrating non water based stone sealers will work if 511 is unavailable at your local hardware store. For color enhancing sealer Ager by Tenax is an excellent product and can be used in combination with 511 porous plus.