Sam and Ben Nachum

Sam Nachum was born in the neighborhood of Malcha in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 1992 Sam started to have very serious neck pain. After extensive testing it was determined that surgery was necessary. Sam’s long time friend Dr. Eric Phillips performed the surgery in Omaha. The surgery was successful and Sam spent the next year in bed in Kansas City. During this time in bed Sam spent much of his time watching the world news as the rock throwing in Israel continued. The idea was to take those stones being thrown from Jerusalem and bring them to those who will appreciate it. The thought was to take something negative and share its warmth and beauty with the public.

In 2004 Ben left his position at the Kansas City Chiefs to join the company. We regularly supply high end clients, temples, and community centers with Jerusalem Stone throughout the United States. Since 2016 Ben has spent much of his time traveling the world and producing content on youtube. Some of which involves visiting the factories however most is for personal growth and shared experiences. Watch his videos at

Jerusalem Stone visitors require an appointment with reasonable purpose to visit.

Stained Glass By Sam Nachum

Below are several stained glass pieces created by Sam Nachum.