Sam and Ben Nachum

Sam was born on a small mountain named Malcha in Jerusalem. As a child he passed much of him time carving detailed animals from wood and making art. At the age of 18 he met his wife Dana who was on a youth trip with her synagogue. Although he did not speak English and she barely spoke Hebrew the two spent almost her entire trip together. They wrote back and forth for years with limited communication. After finishing the army Sam purchased a one way ticket to see Dana. Sam earned his United States citizenship and married Dana in 1978. In 1992 during a trip to Israel Sam started to have serious neck pain. It was determined that surgery was necessary. Sam spent the next year in bed watching the world news during the time of the rock throwing in Israel. He wanted to bring those stones to those who appreciate them. The thought was to take something negative and make it positive. In 2004 Ben left his position at the Kansas City Chiefs to become a partner in the business. Since that time we have helped connect people to these natural stone from Israel in a positive way. We help to build churches, temples, and private residence throughout the United States.

Natural stone of Israel

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This company was created during the time of the stone throwing in Jerusalem.
The idea was to take something negative and turn it into something positive.

Stained Glass By Sam Nachum

Below are several stained glass pieces created by Sam Nachum.