Do You Carry Taltish Stone?

We generally carry Taltish "Heavy Chiseled" stone in a variety of colors and sizes. We have the ability to make it in our shop including finished corners and edges. It is a good idea to check with on regarding what raw material we have available at the moment.

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How Much Absorbtion By Weight, Density, Flexural Strength?

Galil (Gold) Smith-Emery Test Results Technical Information ASTM Test Method Value Absorption By Weight% C97 1.17 Density, lbs./cu. ft C97 158 Static Coefficient of Friction-Wet C1028-89 0.81 Static Coefficient of Friction-Dry C1028-89 0.79 Flexural Strength, psi C880-M 1529 Law Engineering & Environmental Services Tests Technical Information ASTM Test Method

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What Is Dolomite Material?

There are two general classifications of stone. The two classifications are siliceous and calcareous. Siliceous stones are composed of silica (SiO2) particles and are very durable. Examples are granite, slate and sandstone. Calcareous stones are composed mostly of calcium carbonate and are softer than the siliceous materials. Examples are marble, travertine and limestone. JerUSAlem Stone is a dolomite which falls in

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Where Is Jerusalem Stone Quarried?

This map  shows the approximate location of Jerusalem Stone quarries in Israel. There are many individual quarries located throughout the country and each has it own character. If you have any questions about a specific material please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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What is Jerusalem Stone?

Jerusalem Stone is a generic term describing natural stone material coming from areas from the Jordan River on the east to the Mediterranean Sea on the west, and from the southern Port of Eilat on the Red sea to The Galilee and Haifa on the north. This natural stone that we import is a

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